Great Open Source Projects

Here is a list of great software that I use, or have used.
I’m sure I’ve even forgotten a few.

Web Browsers, Newsfeeds, Calendar, and Email:

Media Servers and Cloud:

Document Management and Office:

File Synchronization, Management, and Backup:

Graphics and Design:

Text Editors, Notes, and To-Do Lists:

Security and Encryption:

Media Playback and Editing:

Text Editors and Software Development:

Web Servers and Server Software:

Content Management, Website and Blogging:

Encyclopedia and Knowledge Management:

Mathematics and Education:

Remote Desktop, Monitoring, and SSH:

3D Printing:

Automation and Smart Home:

Databases and Data Analysis:

Speech to Text and Text to Speech:

Reverse Proxy and Networking:

Linux Distribution and Operating System:

System Software:

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