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Smart Home Control Panel


First get an overview in the video: To turn on the tablet via the Home Assistant app, the Notify service of Home Assistant is used, this can be tested with the developer tools from Home Assistant (replace mytablet accordingly) In NodeRED you use the “Call Service” node and select the service “Notify” and the device […]


BLACKOUT Early Warning System – Get notified before a Blackout occurs!


In the event of a blackout, you can already detect the grid frequency going down. The grid frequency can also be easily determined and thus i build an early warning system, with the help of a WioTerminal (from SeeedStudio), NodeRED, a Raspberry Pi and Telegram – I show you how! If you just want to […]


AI human detection with Reolink cameras and NodeRED


I created a NodeRED subflow for Reolink cameras with which you can detect humans and cars directly. For example, person detection can be used to switch lights, or send you an image to your phone within milliseconds and you can see directly what’s going on. Something like this is hard to find – you’re welcome! […]


Engineering a Battery Powered Wifi/BLE Smart Lock with custom PCBs


I wanted a smart door lock, so i tried to build it myself with an ESP8266 and a JDY23 Bluetooth LE Module. My journey to meet my expectations was a lot longer than expected, but see for yourself. This project was hard, but i learned a lot! If you want do create your own PCBs, […]


Awesome DIY Video-Doorbell based on an ESP32


In the last few months I have built a noble version my video doorbell based on the ESP32 camera module. The doorbell can display messages automatically or manually and of course I get a picture on my smartphone when someone rings the bell. To save time on soldering work, I created boards with EasyEDA and […]


Traefik Reverse Proxy – Hosting HTTPS web services yourself


There are many ways to access web services that run in our home from the Internet.The worst possibility would be portforwarding and forwarding to a device with an unencrypted protocol such as HTTP or FTP. You should really avoid simple port forwarding on HTTP or FTP.SFTP and / or a VPN would be better. Both […]



Open Source Projects And The Value of a Community


This post is for those who are interested in why there is little new content here and why I can no longer help or advise everyone individually. We will also talk through how the DIY Smart Home can become a real community project. I thought for a long time whether I should say something about […]


Nextcloud – The cloud you can run at home


Has Google short the free online storage again or did Dropbox raise prices? And what exactly happens to your data anyway? Would you prefer to save your data at home, but still have the possibilities of a modern cloud? Then Nextcloud is right for you! Dropbox Plus costs around 10 euros per month and you […]


The ei23 Smart Home Installation Script


In this video, I will show you how to use my script to install the software that I use in my smart home system. In order to receive the script, you must register in the newsletter . You can find the complete blog post and all the links to the Smart Home here: DIY […]


DIY Open Source Smart Home with a Raspberry Pi


Hi and thank you for your interest in an open source smart home! So that you can quickly get an overview, I have summarized the current status of my smart home in a video. And then you will find the tutorial series, which is regularly expanded.