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Engineering a Battery Powered Wifi/BLE Smart Lock with custom PCBs


I wanted a smart door lock, so i tried to build it myself with an ESP8266 and a JDY23 Bluetooth LE Module. My journey to meet my expectations was a lot longer than expected, but see for yourself. This project was hard, but i learned a lot! If you want do create your own PCBs, […]


Awesome DIY Video-Doorbell based on an ESP32


In the last few months I have built a noble version my video doorbell based on the ESP32 camera module. The doorbell can display messages automatically or manually and of course I get a picture on my smartphone when someone rings the bell. To save time on soldering work, I created boards with EasyEDA and […]


Traefik Reverse Proxy – Hosting HTTPS web services yourself


There are many ways to access web services that run in our home from the Internet.The worst possibility would be portforwarding and forwarding to a device with an unencrypted protocol such as HTTP or FTP. You should really avoid simple port forwarding on HTTP or FTP.SFTP and / or a VPN would be better. Both […]



Open Source Projects And The Value of a Community


This post is for those who are interested in why there is little new content here and why I can no longer help or advise everyone individually. We will also talk through how the DIY Smart Home can become a real community project. I thought for a long time whether I should say something about […]


The ei23 Smart Home Installation Script


In this video, I will show you how to use my script to install the software that I use in my smart home system. In order to receive the script, you must register in the newsletter . You can find the complete blog post and all the links to the Smart Home here: DIY […]


DIY Open Source Smart Home with a Raspberry Pi


Hi and thank you for your interest in an open source smart home! So that you can quickly get an overview, I have summarized the current status of my smart home in a video. And then you will find the tutorial series, which is regularly expanded.