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first was the idea

by fxg.li

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first there was an idea - the ei23 idea

Chicken or Egg
"Ei" is the German word for egg. So which came first? The idea! In this case by nature itself. Ei23 is full of good ideas for the world. So let me explain:

Basic Principles
Nature always takes the path of least resistance. Water never flows up the mountain unless a dam is in the way. We humans, too, usually do only what is necessary and tend to be comfortable. Intelligence is rare in the universe, because it consumes way too much energy... Now and then intelligence is necessary and unavoidable. However, by our natural comfort we're stuck again and again deeply in dependencies. But when is the dam too high? Today, we give away an extremely large amount of our data and have allowed ourselves to be manipulated by artificial intelligence and algorithms. Is that a good thing? This project aims to free us from this dependency step by step. An end to Alexa, Siri, Facebook and the like. It is individualism that must survive.

How can it work?
If convenience brings (or has already brought) us into this situation, it may be a little uncomfortable to get us out of there. But I and many other volunteers from the open source movement have already invested a lot of work for you, so that you no longer have to start from scratch. It won't be as convenient as Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, or Google's Assistant, and open source should never be seen as free. Yes, this is a call to donate to the projects we are dependent on or will make dependent on their further development. But you will be rewarded with great freedom and data ownership and a donation is still voluntary.

With ei23 we want to bring freedom back into our lives without having to do without the latest technology. We will try to make our lives "smart", without compromise and without physical, technical and financial dependency. In short, we make the world a bit better, but it's always easier said than done. So get to work, help me and the rest of the open source movement to advance our projects! I say ours very deliberately, because each of us will truly own this technique. Because even if you paid for an Alexa, it doesn't really belong to you. What if something stops working, if you miss a special function or just don't want to be bugged? If you chew furniture, it really belongs to you. You can paint, change or repair it. It should be the same with technology and software.

How is ei23 funded?
Do you use software that is provided under an open source license? Have you benefited from knowledge and help in public forums? Consider the amount of work behind such projects. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch, even if we open source friends don't ask for money directly, we of course hope for donations. In case the donations are not enough, some small fees are unavoidable, in my case I might produce my own hardware components and sell them via an ei23 store or similar and try to keep ei23 alive with the income. Since this would again make me heavily dependent on hardware manufacturers and suppliers, I may offer premium memberships or a subscription with extended support and extra tutorials.
Thanks for reading, that means a lot to me.

Stay smart and indipendent!

If you want to support the project directly, you find info here: