DIY OpenSource SmartHome for 300€


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Software on the Raspberry Pi:

  • NodeRED – main controller programm, very visual, but powerful. It’s great (
  • Grafana – to visualize data (
  • InfluxDB – special database for sensors ( timebased grouping is possible) (
  • Mosquitto – a MQTT-Broker, essential for sharing data between sensors and NodeRED (
  • PiVPN – simple to set up VPN (
  • PiHole – ad-blocker,  child-protection and DNS-Server (
  • NextCloudPi – your own cloud (NextCloudPi in Docker)

Software for DVB-T (SDR) Stick:

Software for developers:

  • VSCodium – texteditor or IDE
  • PlatformIO – for developing firmware for ESP8266, ESP32 and Arduino
  • Arduino IDE – still using it, but not as often as PlatformIO
  • Firefox – yes! NodeRED and Grafana are running in your browser, so please use Firefox. Chrome is betrayal!

Software for sockets:

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